Shoes and showtunes are ~~~~~~~all I need~~~~~~~


Season 6 premiere countdown challenge: 8 days left

Day 8: favorite episode: 114 Hi

my favorite performances: emmasbroadwayblog asked: 

jessie mueller | carrie pipperidge


Smash! Meme Challenge → 6 BrOTPs

 ↳ [05/06]Tom & Julia

theatre challenge | 6/8 songs → Wish I Were Here

But without [Wicked], I would not have my husband…There are so many memories that connect us to that show. It shaped the course of our lives.

and now two of the cutest people in the world are expecting a baby!

Love you xoxoxoxoxo

You made yourself the hero

In the night as black as pitch

Yeah you made yourself the hero

Oh, I guess that makes me the witch

*hugs* *more hugs* *even more hugs*

thank you baby

briangallaghers: *sending you a lot of hugs* you'll be fine bby <3

Thank you Lari

all ive done today is cry about student loans someone hug me pls


RENT modern college au called TUITION



n. the tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it—whether through envy or pity or simple foreignness—which allows it to drift away from the rest of your life story, until the memory itself feels out of place, almost mythical, wandering restlessly in the fog, no longer even looking for a place to land.

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